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Three Reasons To Use A Swinging Door In Your Home Elevator

Deciding to equip your home with a residential elevator can be equal parts relief and excitement. You'll feel relief about knowing that you'll be able to move between floors safely and you'll be excited for how this device will improve your mobility. Part of the excitement of adding a residential elevator to your home is getting to decide exactly how it will look. Home elevator companies give customers all sorts of options, so you can browse the various designs and choose what will work best in your home. Many different door types are available, including swinging doors. Here are three benefits of this door style.

Inconspicuous Appearance 

You might like the idea of your residential elevator not being overly obvious to people who enter your home. Some door types can make the elevator's presence stand out, but this won't be the case with a swinging door. Many people choose a door that matches the other interior doors throughout their home. When closed, this door will be virtually identical to the doors that lead to rooms, closets, and other spaces. It won't be until you open the door that the elevator is apparent—which may suit you if you prefer keeping the elevator's presence to yourself.


When you talk to your residential elevator company about your various door options, don't be afraid to get price quotes for each door type. In general, you can expect that a standard swinging door will be your most affordable option. This door's materials are affordable and its installation is on the simpler side. Glass sliding doors that disappear into the walls around the elevator, for example, cost more in materials and require more labor to install. If you're working within a tight budget for your elevator addition, a swinging door will be your best bet.

Easy Operation

A swinging door can be easier to operate than certain other home elevator door options. While some people like the look of an accordion-style door, manually pushing this door open might be challenging for those who have shoulder issues, including pain and range of motion difficulties. Such individuals will almost certainly find that a standard swinging door is easier to operate by simply turning the knob and gently pushing it. If you can open any interior door in your home, you'll have no trouble using this type of door in your new elevator.

Contact a home elevator company to learn about adding an elevator to your residence.

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