Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

Don't Rush To Buy The First Lift Chair You Find

When getting out of an armchair becomes too difficult, moving to a lift chair seems like the next logical step. These motor-assisted recliners allow you to kick back — but then get some help getting out. You may be tempted to buy the first decent chair you find, either because your need for motor assistance is urgent or because you find a tremendous sale. However, if at all possible, take the time to find a chair that is right for your needs. If you get the first lift chair you find, you may end up unhappy with something that cost a lot of money.

Look for the Right Size

A big, plush recliner sounds so comfortable, letting you sink down into soft cushions as you relax. However, if you're on the smaller side, or your mobility isn't at full strength, sinking down into a huge chair is kind of the last feeling you want to have. Lift chairs come in different sizes, so find one that is right for your size. Don't use this chair as a family chair where you have to cater to the tallest person. Get one for you, that you only use, that is small enough for you to get out of easily. Even with the motor assist, a chair that is too big can be uncomfortable and difficult to get out of.

Do You Want a "Sleeper" Chair? 

Some lift chairs recline further back than others. These are sometimes called sleeper chairs as they allow you to recline into a position that is better for sleeping. You might need this if you have a particular type of surgery or if you need to keep different parts of your body elevated.

See How Easy It Is to Reach the Reset Button

Lift chairs work on both electric and battery power, and like other electronic gadgets, they can malfunction. Most of the time, the fix is easy; you unplug it and plug it back in, or you hit a restart or reset button. There's just one issue: If the chair stalls while it's in the reclining position with you in it, and you can't get out easily, how easy is it for you to reach the reset button from where you are? Note that these reset buttons might require something like a paperclip to insert in a hole like you would with a computer. This will vary by brand, so check that out. As comical as it sounds, being stuck in a recliner that's not closing can be quite scary if your mobility is limited.

With the right lift chair, life becomes easier. These are simple to operate and are very comfortable when they fit you well.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

When my mother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, she had to undergo a mastectomy quickly. We weren't prepared at all for her recovery, and it meant some last-minute scrambling to get the supplies that we needed. Since we didn't have much time to plan, it was challenging to determine exactly what we had to have, and we ended up buying things we didn't really need. I took my experience and put all of it into this site. I hope that my experience and information helps you to prepare for your or your loved one's upcoming surgery and breast cancer treatment.