Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

Six Mistakes To Avoid When Procuring An X-Ray Machine For Your Medical Practice

Purchasing an X-ray machine is a big investment for any medical practice. It's important to avoid mistakes that could detract from the usefulness and cost-effectiveness your practice gets out of the X-ray machine you choose.

The following are six mistakes to avoid when procuring an X-ray machine for your medical practice. 

Being unaware of pertinent FDA regulations

You need to understand pertinent FDA regulations before you invest in an X-ray machine. Depending on the unique details of your practice, your X-ray machine may need to meet certain requirements stipulated by the FDA. 

Failing to meet FDA requirements could cost your practice money in fines and make it so that you need to either upgrade or purchase a different X-ray machine model. It's important to avoid these issues by making the right purchase in the beginning. 

Overlooking the maintenance needs of the model you choose

An X-ray machine needs to be maintained regularly to continue functioning properly. You need to understand the maintenance requirements of an X-ray machine before you invest in it. Remember that you may have to deal with downtime for X-ray machine maintenance procedures and plan accordingly. 

Not looking into exposure level

Safety is a key consideration. You should already be aware of the fact that there is some level of radiation exposure with any X-ray machine. However, some X-ray machine models offer more protective features that minimize exposure.

It's important to invest in as safe a machine as possible to protect the health of your staff and patients. 

Failing to find the optimum X-ray machine for the unique needs of your practice

You should be focusing on your practice needs and the procedures you'll need to use your X-ray machine for when choosing the right model.

You can discuss your practice with a representative from the medical supply company you're buying from to find the most appropriate model for your unique needs. 

Selecting an X-ray machine that doesn't meet precision requirements

Be aware of the current industry standard for precision in your area of practice. Make sure that the X-ray machine you choose for your practice meets and ideally exceeds precision requirements to be sure that it will be adequate for your needs. 

Focusing on purchase costs rather than long term costs

With X-ray machines, sometimes the long-term costs of a particular model are more significant than the purchase price. An X-ray machine can be expensive to run and maintain.

You need to understand the cost of ownership for a given model instead of just making a purchase decision based on the upfront costs. 

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