Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

What You Need To Know About Selling Your Diabetes Testing Strips

If you have unused diabetes testing strips, don't toss them in the trash. There are a variety of services that you can sell your unused supplies to, and in return, these organizations will provide the supplies at a reduced cost to help those in need. If you are interested in this option, learn more about the process.


You must verify the condition of your test strips before you attempt to sell them. Sanitation is critically important when it comes to diabetes testing strips. For this reason, you must ensure that the box has not been opened. Even if you have not used all, or even any, of the strips in the box, if the box is opened, the company will not be able to accept the strips. Not only will you not be compensated, but the company might discard the strips.

Expiration Date

Check the information on the box to see when the strips expire. This step is important because even if the strips are not expired yet, if there is not much time left, your strips might not be accepted. Typically, the box needs to have an expiration date that is at least several months away to ensure the company has plenty of time to take receipt of your strips and distribute them to those in need. The company you partner with should provide you with specific date requirements. 


It's also a good idea to check the packaging that you will sale, in terms of damage. The company is more interested in the strips inside the box, but the condition is still important. For instance, if the box is bent, has writing on it, or there are tears on the box, you might be able to sell the strips, but the amount of money you receive for the strips might be reduced as a result.  


You should also keep in mind that your strips should be compatible with a testing device that is currently in circulation. For this reason, if you have older strips that you don't use because you had to upgrade your machine, there is a chance your strips might not be accepted since it might be hard to find someone who has a compatible machine. The company will be able to let you know if your strips are on the compatible list or not.

Different companies have different instructions on how to submit your unused testing supplies and which product selections they will accept. Contact a company that offers cash for test strips for more specific information.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

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