Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

Still Keeping Paper Health Records? Why Your Medical Practice Should Switch To EHR

When you're a physician, you have a great many people depending on you. The records you keep provide vital information for your patients, your staff, and even fellow doctors. That's why it's crucial that the records system you choose should be up to the task. One error could lead to treatment errors, billing errors, and even medical research errors. If you haven't switched to an electronic health records system or EHR, you need to. The change will improve your practice, and increase your ability to provide quality care for your patients. Here are just four ways that EHR is vital to your practice:

Less Chance of Errors

When it comes to handwriting, it's common knowledge that doctors have the worst. Illegible handwriting comes with the territory. You need to write quickly, or you lose valuable time. Unfortunately, illegible writing can lead to errors that can have dire consequences for your patients. That's one of the reasons that an EHR system is so important to your practice. Through the EHR, health records are kept electronically, which means everything will be computer-generated, and easy to read. No more trying to decipher what you wrote in your notes.

Reduction in Unnecessary Paperwork

Medical offices generate a great deal of paperwork. Everything from charts, to prescriptions, require paper. If you're not utilizing an EHR system, your office is generating a lot of unnecessary paperwork, including those duplicate reports you need to file so that every department receives the information they require. EHR allows for a reduction in unnecessary paperwork. Records, reports, claims, and even prescriptions, can be generated via the computer program.

Improved Patient Care

If you have elderly patients in your practice, you know how many doctors most of them have. Most elderly patients have a full team of doctors who are caring for their medical needs. It can be difficult trying to communicate patient needs and coordinate treatment plans between multiple doctors when you're using an outdated paper system. An EHR system will allow you to communicate with multiple doctors, creating the ability to improve patient care through careful coordination among the team members.

Safer Record Keeping

When you run a medical practice, patient privacy and accurate record keeping are crucial. Unfortunately, that can be difficult when paper record systems are being used. Floods, fires, and even break-ins can destroy patient records. Utilizing an EHR system will ensure that patient records are kept secure, in one convenient location.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

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