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Hearing Aids 101: 3 Handy Maintenance Tips For Every User

Hearing aids are an extremely valuable piece of technology for those with hearing loss. After all, these devices allow the user to hear voices and sounds clearly, which increases their quality of life. However, like any piece of technology, hearing aids require routine maintenance and cleaning in order to function properly. Luckily, it's fairly easy to keep these devices in working order.

So what should you be doing to maintain your hearing aids? Here are three tips:

1. Wipe Clean Daily

Perhaps the most important tip is to wipe down your hearing aids daily. It might be an annoyance, but a quick wipe down with an appropriate cloth will keep your hearing aids clean and in working order. Wiping the device daily will remove wax, which will prevent it from building up inside the device. This is vital, as wax buildup can cause clogging and that can cause the hearing aid to stop working completely. So always wipe your hearing aids daily, preferably in the morning when the wax has had time to dry – as this will make it much easier to remove.

2. Use Proper Cleaning Tools

Another tip is to ensure that you use the proper cleaning tools when cleaning your hearing aids. When you wipe down your device daily, make sure you something clean. Ideally, you should use a piece of clean tissue without aloe or oils. Soft toilet tissue or facial tissue without any additives is best. If you decide to use a cloth, make sure you use a soft one. In addition, make sure you wash the cloth regularly to remove wax from the cloth.

Another tool you might want to consider using include a "tube blower," which is used to remove wax and moisture inside the small tubes in the device. In addition, use any and all cleaning tools given to you when you purchased your hearing aids. These specialized tools will ensure that your device is cleaned properly and effectively.

3. Avoid Moisture

Finally, make sure that you avoid moisture. Obviously, you shouldn't shower or swim while wearing your hearing aids. However, you should also ensure that your hearing aids stay away from moisture rich environments while being stored. This means that you shouldn't keep your hearing aids in your bathroom.

If your hearing aids do come in to contact with moisture – be it from inside your ear canal or from the environment – make sure you remove the moisture quickly. You can do this by opening the battery compartment at night. You can also use a special dehumidifying container, which will wick away moisture while storing them safely.

While maintaining your hearing aids might seem difficult, it doesn't have to be. With these three tips, and your doctor's advice, you'll easily be able to maintain your hearing aids so that they continue to function properly. For more information, talk to a professional like Pacific Hearing Care.

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