Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

Benefits Of Masks With Head Straps Instead Of Ear Loops

Wearing a face mask in a medical facility can be instrumental in helping to control the spread of germs. If you're shopping for a supply of these masks, it's important to choose the right ones for you and your employees to wear. While many face masks affix to the wearer's face with a pair of loops that go over the ears, this isn't the only option that is available. You'll also see masks for sale that are equipped with a pair of head straps that fit over the back of the head. Here are some benefits of masks that have head straps instead of ear loops.

More Comfort

It's highly possible that you'll need to wear a face mask for several hours out of the day, including long stretches without a break. This makes it important to have a product that is as comfortable as possible. Some people find that the ear loops on a mask dig into the backs of their ears and cause a level of discomfort over time. You'll likely find that a mask that has head straps is much more comfortable to wear. The straps are wider than ear loops, so they don't dig into your skin in the same way.

Easier To Adjust

While there are some masks that have adjustable ear loops, you'll typically find that the majority of masks with ear loops aren't adjustable. Conversely, a lot of masks that have head straps offer you the ability to adjust their fit. When you adjust the fit of your mask, it's more comfortable and it will fit your face better, which means that it will do a superior job of preventing the spread of germs. A poorly fitting mask will often have gaps between the mask and your skin, which renders the mask somewhat ineffective.

More Secure

A face mask that has head straps also fits more securely on your head, making it less likely to come off. Some people find that the loops of their face masks can slip over their ears at times. This can especially occur if you wear glasses, as the temple tips of the glasses take up room behind your ears and reduce the space that the ear loops need to stay in place. Similarly, some hearing aids can cause the same issue. When you have a mask that has head straps, you can be confident that it will remain in place throughout the day.

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Breast Cancer Treatment Preparation: The Supply Lowdown

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